Why do we have a negative view of ourselves, especially when so much of our success lies in positive self-belief?

As an introvert, it’s easy to become your own worst critic, finding flaws and taking things personally until you become so bogged down with negativity, it’s a wonder you can do anything at all. If you take things personally and get stuck in the negative, then your mind will start to go round and round in circles trying to work out what went wrong, and the more you do that, the more you’ll focus on that one thing and the less likely you are to work on something more positive.

Everyone has their bad days, but seeking out the positives will help you become more confident. This is why it’s so important to work on your self-belief, to seek out the positive in yourself and then building on it so you can see how amazing you are. When this happens, the rest of the world will see it too.

How? By following these 7 simple steps which will help to boost your self-belief:


Start with the belief of success

When you accept self-belief is a skill that can be learned, there are no limits to your success.

It’s what we all aspire to: the belief that anything is possible if we work hard enough at it.

The truth is, we often limit ourselves in ways that keep us from our true potential. And this leads to frustration, struggle and self-doubt.

In order to be able to overcome these limitations, you have to first believe in yourself, no matter how impossible it seems at times. When you do, you start with a strong belief in your own success.


Silence the Inner Critic

From there, it’s a matter of tracking down the negative voices in your head. You know the conversations I’m talking about. Sadly, a lot of what you’re hearing comes from other people’s opinions, their judgments, their thoughts about what is best for you. Often, they’re things from your past, including harsh words you’ve taken and adopted as your own. Sometimes though, negativity comes from within. Here’s where you need to put a guard on your own thoughts. Refuse to allow anyone to put you down and that includes you!


Own your strengths 

Introverts are great at knowing what they’re not so good at and too often resist owning their strengths. Strengths by the way are the things that energise you and that you’re already great at (or have the potential to be great at). Brewerton & Brook

Many introverts are uncomfortable when others notice their strengths. They are self-conscious about these natural gifts and try hard to cover up their strengths with a cloak of modesty. Please don’t do that. Instead, embrace your natural strengths as a valuable part of who you are.

When someone notices your natural strengths, not only will you feel good about yourself, you’ll be a positive source of energy which will bounce back making others feel good about themselves too. Your positive energy is a powerful key to success. People are naturally drawn to those who exude confidence and are energised by them.

Own your strengths and use them to achieve your potential.


What Makes You ‘Heroic’?

Heroes have the power to inspire people in different ways and to make their environment a better place. You can use your own superpowers to inspire others in extraordinary ways.

What are the leadership traits you admire? List them. How do those traits make you feel? By examining positive leadership traits, you find yourself incorporating positive actions into your day. Embrace those things which have a positive impact!


Be Your Own Cheerleader

Everyone needs a boost now and again, including introverted leaders! However, waiting for someone else to do this, could mean a long wait. You need to know how to give yourself a boost because if you’re looking for validation from others, you’re far more likely to hold yourself back.

As an introverted leader, you’re often so busy getting things done that you hardly take the time to acknowledge your own wins. Celebrating accomplishments is a great way to boost your self-belief and confidence. When you have a sense of fulfilment, happiness, and satisfaction in whatever you’re doing then it gives you the drive to practice and improve.

A boost can be about your confidence, your self-belief and / or your ability to get on with things.  Be your own cheerleader and celebrate your wins.


Find a Role Model

Feeling like you’re just not cutting it in some area? A great way to address this is to find a role model (it can be a leader you admire, a fictional character, a celebrity, someone who inspires you) and ask yourself:

  • what they would do in this situation?
  • what traits do I admire in them?
  • what is it about that them that inspires me?

Borrow and incorporate their best traits in your leadership practice.


See Yourself as a Success

Picture the you that you want to be. The more you practice this level of visualisation, the more you will find yourself moving toward this image. There are many benefits to visualisation including building self-belief, inspiring yourself to take action and developing a positive attitude towards success.

Become mindful of what you know about yourself, and your leadership so that you can take steps to change things for the better.


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