Have negative thoughts hindered your efforts to perform at your best, to learn, and grow?

Your personal beliefs about yourself matter more than you may realise.

In fact, those beliefs are the very foundation upon which you build your personal and professional life.

Some common self-limiting thoughts are:

  • “I’ve done nothing to deserve a complement.”
  • “I don’t perform well under pressure”
  • “I know I’m not going to present my proposal well, and everyone will know how insecure I am.”

If you identify with some of these limiting thoughts, it’s time to take steps to break your cognitive ties to those thinking patterns.

Focus on these strategies to start thinking in a new direction:

1. Refrain from labelling yourself


If you see yourself as the underdog, then you might unconsciously strive to match that label.

Reframe and use more positive language.

2. Take small steps


When you continually move towards your goals, you’ll gain the momentum to keep on going.

Rather than think you’re unable to achieve success, make a plan of achievable steps to ensure that you do.


3. Learn to be your own best friend


Do this by giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Think positive thoughts such as, “I can do this.”

When you practice this, you’ll reject self-limiting thoughts.


4. Believe in yourself


Instead of insisting you’ll “never” do something, say that you can, and then take action and do it.

If you turn those negatives into positives, it boosts your self-esteem.

Trust that you can accomplish, succeed, and you will prevail.


5. Assess the truth


Ask yourself, “Is what I’m thinking really true?”

For example, is it an absolute reality that you’re not as good at your job as your colleague and so she’ll get the upcoming promotion instead of you?

Think about this… It doesn’t have to be true, unless you strive for it to be so.

Question your self-limiting thoughts.

When you realise they’re unrealistic, untrue, and within your power to change, you’ll be able to break the cycle.


6. Recognise how powerful your negative thoughts are


You create who you are by what you think about yourself.

Why not turn that power into positive energy that drives you towards the things that you want professionally and personally?


7. Learn from prior mistakes


Instead of using your past against you, think about the knowledge you’ve gained from each experience.

Use that experience to take you to the next level.

Rather than getting bogged down with self-limiting thoughts, reflect on them.

What part did you play?

If you proactively learn from your past mistakes, you’re far more likely to make better decisions in the future.


When you apply these strategies, you’ll see the possibilities that are all around you.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Extinguish those self-limiting beliefs right now so you can start embracing the good life that’s yours for the taking.



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Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash






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