Helping ambitious, committed introverted professionals, tap into their natural strengths to become inspiring, authentic and confident leaders within 12 weeks.


Being an introvert leader can be draining and lonely

Even the greatest leaders struggle keeping it together


Struggling to know what you’re good at and frustrated by things that are happening at work?


Is your fear of failure and / or success keeping you where you are & stopping you from taking the next step?


Are you grappling with second guessing every decision underneath your confident exterior?


I’m Karen

I know how overwhelming it can be not believing what you’re really good at.

Revisiting challenging situations and constantly wondering how you could have handled things differently.

As confusing as it may seem, there is a path from where you are now to stepping up to achieve your next level goals and I can show you the way.


Are you ready to make changes to achieve your next level goals?

The Quiet Warrior


The Quiet Warrior is a 12 week transformational coaching programme designed to help you become the leader you know you can be.

We’ll work through each step together, replacing overwhelm and fear with confidence and success. 

  • Know what you’re truly good at.
  • Banish your inner critic.
  • Remove the barriers to your success.
  • Create opportunities to succeed now and in the future.
  • Develop your own “Quiet Warrior Toolkit”.


“The sessions helped me resolve a series of issues and provided me with metacognitive tools that will help me self-coach in similar situations in the future. Karen is fantastic!”

Senior Lecturer, Bath Spa University

“Karen’s gentle and supportive approach encouraged me to explore potentially painful issues, and her skilful questioning and reframing encouraged insights to emerge. These insights were, in turn, translated into achievable actions for change. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”

Finance Director, Wiltshire

“I had recently been promoted and was feeling overwhelmed and an imposter. Karen’s programme enabled me to navigate my way through this period and provided numerous insights which I would otherwise have missed. The weekly check ins were helpful for me to focus and I looked forward to our fortnightly meetings (conducted remotely) – these sometimes over ran but I never felt like Karen was rushing me. I would highly recommend The Quiet Warrior programme.”

Implementation Manager, NHS

“Karen is a breath of fresh air, she not only helps you to think for yourself, but does it in a very friendly and positive manner. Karen has a wealth of knowledge in this field, bringing her own experiences to the table to help you achieve your real aims and goals. I have found Karen to be very professional and focused in helping me achieve my individual goals and aims. A true inspiration!!!”

Business Executive, Gloucestershire

“Karen enabled me to recognise my own strengths and move forwards with gathering self-confidence and self-reliance, making the most of skills I already have and building on them.”

Corporate Finance Specialist, Gloucestershire

Your next level goals are just

3 steps away


1. Book your call

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2. Get clarity

I’ll show you the pathway to your next level goals.

3. Get results

Together we’ll unleash the amazing introverted leader hiding within.



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