Do you struggle to finish the projects you start, even when you have every intention of finishing them?

You’re not alone, this is a common problem that so many people face.

Luckily, you can follow a few simple steps to get things moving:


1. Make a plan


The first step to getting things done is making sure you have a plan at the beginning. It needs to be a plan which you write down. A mental note isn’t enough. You see, the act of writing and planning gets your mental juices flowing. 

You may want to jump in and start something in your excitement, but you might not realise all the work and challenges you will face. When you take the time to make a plan, this will better prepare you for what’s ahead, and you’ll be able to anticipate and solve problems much more easily.


2. Take a break


If you find yourself getting overly frustrated or beginning to loathe the project because you’ve been working on it for so long, it’s okay to take a short break. Grab a cup of your favourite brew or maybe get outside for some fresh air and a walk. 

Taking a break will help reset your mind and focus. You may even subconsciously solve some of the problems you are facing while you take a break. Just make sure that you set an endpoint to your break and stick to it. This way you can hold yourself to it and not just abandon the project.


3. Set small goals and rewards for yourself


As you plan how you will conquer your task or project, break your goal into smaller mini-goals. Then, cross them off and reward yourself as you complete them. This will help keep you on task, and no matter how small the completed mini-goal is, you’ll know you are making progress.

This progress will keep you motivated while working on the project. The little rewards you are giving yourself will help too.


So next time you get excited about a new project or goal, slow down a bit and make a plan, complete with smaller goals and rewards for yourself.

Then, as you pursue the project, don’t be afraid to take small breaks if you need to recuperate.

Chances are, thanks to these three steps, you will be much more likely to finish your new goal than leave it abandoned.


Do you give up too easily on what you want? Would things be better if you knew the secrets to creating your own success mindset?


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Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash






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