There are lots of people willing to tell others what to do with little consideration or explanation but in reality, leaders are really rather scarce. 


Developing your leadership skills really can make a difference personally and professionally as well as to your team and your organisation.


You’ll likely benefit from greater career opportunities and have the tools to deal with any challenges that arise too.


Irrespective of whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, here are 5 ways to become a more effective leader:


1. Lead by example.

A leader shows the way by setting a great example.

They get involved when needed and have confidence in their team to do a great job when they’re not needed, freeing up their time and energy to get on with other things.


2. Leaders are driven by a purpose.

There is an overall goal or mission which they’re willing to share with their people, helping them to understand the desired outcome.

Leaders have the ability to inspire and empower those around them.


3. Leaders delegate.

A leader trusts their people, and is willing to delegate tasks.

A leader will surround themselves with people that complement their strengths and weaknesses.

They rarely feel threatened by people who can do things they are less good at because they don’t need others to feed their ego.


4. A leader develops new leaders.

A true leader is constantly developing team members with the knowledge, skills and experience to up level.

They rarely fear the competition or worry they’ll be replaced because success breeds success.


5. Leaders take responsibility.

When things go wrong, a leader is willing and able to take responsibility for fixing the problem.

They are willing to own and address the issue; giving up being one of the team to take charge and not shirk their responsibility.


It’s much more enjoyable to work for a true leader.


By developing your leadership skills, you’ll be helping yourself, everyone around you and beyond.


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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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