How Introverts can Avoid Indecision and Overthinking 


The ability to make better decisions is one of the most effective ways to enhance your performance at work and in life. However, making a good decision requires you to actually make a decision. Too many introverts avoid making decisions because they spend far too much time and energy thinking about making a decision.

A great decision doesn’t require a lot of time or energy most of the time if you apply the right techniques.


Here are 8 tips to help you avoid indecision and overthinking:


1. Be logical. Introverts are great at thinking logically, that is, gathering facts to make decisions, build strategies and take action. The best decisions are often clear if you apply logic to the situation and introverts have a head start here. If you find yourself stuck at any point, considering how you would advise a colleague to proceed could well give you your best option.


2. Plan your day the night before. Introverts love to plan but can get bogged down in the detail. That said, planning does make it easier to make good decisions. For example, it’s easy to say, “I’m going to attend the breakfast meeting tomorrow morning to build my network.” However, you might be less enthusiastic when you’re snuggled up in bed and your introversion tells you that you’re not in the mood to be sociable. Avoid overthinking and changing your mind. You already made the decision, it may not be perfect but to avoid rumination, stick with it.


3. Know your values. The best option becomes obvious when you know what is important to you. Take the time to examine your values and then list them in order of priority. When you’re faced with a tough choice, take a look at your list of values and apply them to your desired outcome. You’ll probably find a solution which is easier to commitment to because you’re motivated by your goal.


4. Give yourself a deadline. A good decision can often be made very quickly when time is of the essence and setting a deadline helps avoid taking longer than you need to make a choice. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time (a few minutes to a few days) to make up your mind, then commit and move on.


5. Know that if you’re indecisive, any option is probably acceptable. Paralysis by analysis often prevents introverts from achieving their goals so when you’re torn between choices, there’s probably not a “best” option. It’s best to pick one and move on.


6. Consider the reason for your hesitation. Overthinking can be our natural safety protection system, preventing us from making mistakes and keeping us from harm. Consider why you are hesitating. What is it that’s holding you back? What are you concerned about? What are you afraid might happen? Is there a way to mitigate these concerns so that it doesn’t impact your decision process?


7. Know your purpose because this makes the best option more obvious. For example, if your purpose is to embrace your introversion to become a better leader, it’s easier to decide what strengths and competencies you want to develop to achieve your goal.


8.Forget about trying to be perfect. Introverts aim for perfection but the reality is we have performance risks like everyone else. Perfection leads to procrastination and indecision.


Indecisiveness and overthinking can lead to your work and life being on standby. You can dramatically turn this around by making better and quicker decisions. Making a decision doesn’t have to be a race, but consider what are you going to accomplish by waiting if you already have the information you need to decide?


Be clear on your purpose and values. Avoid the need to judge yourself harshly by being perfect in your decisions. Make a wise choice, commit and take action.


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